Sunday, 22 February 2009

Leddy Has An Easy Week?

After last week's review of Cllr. Mike Leddy's blog, it seems that he is somewhat reluctant to tell us about his adventures last week.

I am assured by Mrs Kelly, that the above location isn't in Brandwood.

Or is it?  Who knows?  Perhaps he has just popped round the offy for a Malibu.

Rest assured, I will update you all on the hard toil that is being Labour's spokesman for housing, as soon as Mike is back.

Knifed In The Back, Or An Oscar Winning Performance?

Later tonight, the annual sick-inducing festival that is the Oscars takes place in Los Angeles.  On display as usual will be the usual display of fake emotion and over the top tear bursts.

Back in here in Birmingham, many observers are wondering whether Cllr. Zoe Hopkins, Labour councillor for Kingstanding, is perhaps a little guilty of such attention seeking behaviour herself.

Hopkins was seen at the first February meeting of the city council sobbing in full view of her fellow councillors and the public.

Naturally, this has generated considerable debate amongst opposition councillors and activists.  What could the matter be?

Well, according to contributors to The Stirrer forum, Zoe has apparently been deselected.  Hopkins herself has done little to dampen down such speculation and in fact is alleged to have confirmed what has happened to opposition councillors.  

This afternoon Adrian Goldberg, the left-wing editor of the Stirrer Website has issued something of a rebuttal to these claims.  However, as PragueTory points out on the discussion thread, no one trusts any denial issued by the Kingstanding Labour Party.

You see these people have "previous".  Last May, Cllr. Catharine Grundy was given the shock of her life after scraping re-election by just 80 votes over the local Tory wunderkind Gary Sambrook.  Grundy's campaign was dogged by accusations that she wanted out and was not committed to the ward.  

It is one of the worst kept secrets in Kingstanding that Kane & Grundy can't stand the sight of Zoe.  They can't work together, which is bad news for the long suffering Kingstanding electorate.  Hopkins is also a Bore/Ward loyalist, which of course Kane and Grundy are not.

All this constitutes a crisis for Labour in a ward they have come to believe is their own.  

With no elections in Birmingham this year, the infighting in the Erdington Constituency Labour Party should generate considerable interest.

Of course principled politicians would do the decent thing, call a by-election, and allow the people of Kingstanding the opportunity to elect people who want to serve them, and not gauge each other's eyes out.

Alas, they are not that way inclined.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Laugh at Leddy #1

I thought that since Councillor Mike Leddy offers such great potential for highlighting hypocrisy and perhaps brightening up our lives, I should occasionally review "his week of action".

We'll start with the great man's activities for the week ending February 14th.


Leddy says that he started his week by looking at the Planning Portal of Birmingham City Council's website for items impacting on his Brandwood ward.   Although there were a couple of items affecting Brandwood, our eagle eyed councillor saw no need for any personal action.  Let's hope so, eh Mike!

He then tells us that he took on the might of Severn Trent Water over the parking of their plant and equipment.  I might call him him the next time the woman across the road parks her Ford Focus across my driveway.


Cllr. Leddy then informs us that he is a mover and shaker behind the Druids Heath Festival (eat your heart Michael Eavis).  June 20th is the big day and he asks us all to put it into our diaries. Consider it done Mike!

Our Michael bemoaned the lack of local enthusiasm amongst local people to get involved in the organisation of the event.  Perhaps they haven't got the time Mike!  I mean they probably just want to turn up and enjoy the festival.  That's how these things work Mike, the public turn up, and the "martyrs" who organise things get their egos massaged for 2 minutes.  Leddy tells us that he has been given some responsibilities.  Therefore, I look forward to seeing him on the day providing directions to the onsite Portaloos.

Cllr. Mike then tells us that he is preparing to brief "Sir Albert" on housing matters ahead of the  next meeting of Cabinet.  That's funny, I thought it was Albert who told his spokesmen what to say and think!

In what was obviously a "packed" Tuesday, Mike tells us about how he took on the might of the West Midlands Police (Severn Trent, then WMP, tomorrow the World?).  He was dealing with a problem that a resident was experiencing over a parking issue.  He tells us that he hates such "jobworths" and that "he'll sort them out".  Tell me Mike, why do you think that these days there is a tendency amongst public servants to boss people about?  Why do they think that they ALWAYS know best than the rest of us?  The answer is simple Mike, your Labour government - never happy than when they are telling us that they know best how to run our lives.


Nothing down for Mike today.  What was he up to?  I really think we should be told.  Has he gone on short-time like the thousands of others in the this country who are having to suffer as a result of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party's incompetence?  The chances are, Sir Albert wasn't happy with the housing briefing and demanded that it be resubmitted with all truthful facts about Cllr. Lines' performance removed.


Routine day as a councillor he tells us, whatever that means?  You really are a tease, councillor. Apparently he went to a house meeting.  House meeting?  Whose house did you meet in?  Is it an event where drum n' bass fills the room, and Labour activists pop coloured smarties into each others' mouths to give them that political high?

Sadly not, for it seems the event was with David Blunkett, you know the bloke that made the   Police go around bullying people over parking matters, Blunkett was discussing Labour tactics for the future with a room full of Labour Party members.  At the end of the session a full list of approved suppliers for white flags was drawn up and circulated amongst those in the room. Some however have had them hoisted for sometime...try driving around Kingstanding, they are everywhere.

Anyway, Mike proceeds to tell us that remarkably they managed to sign up new members.   He asks us, "Who said The Labour Party was unpopular?"

The electorate are Mike.


Now this is quality.  Cllr. Leddy "having a go" at the Tory-led council about borrowing!  He also tells us that he is trying to influence his Labour Party colleagues to campaign for a zero Council Tax increase.

You couldn't make it up!

Sod Palestine Burden. What about your own Gaza?

Yesterday, myself and several other Birmingham Conservatives were campaigning in the constituency of Birmingham Northfield.  To those who don't know Birmingham, Northfield is where the world famous Longbridge car plant once stood.

The local Member of Parliament is none other than Richard Burden, a fairly unspectacular and ineffective MP who has spent his time focusing most of his attention on a problem thousands of miles away from Northfield, both in terms of geography and in the imagination and conciousness of his constituents...Palestine.

The BBC is reporting that Burden, in his role as Chairman of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary is heading up a delegation hoping to be allowed entry into Gaza by those nasty Israelis.

However, after visiting a part of his constituency they call West Heath, I believe that Burden needs to concentrate on his day job and take a look at the crime and social problems his government has created.  Vandalised shops and pubs, gardens full of dumped rubbish, a high proportion of young people not in education or training, long-term unemployment, in short a place where the only progressive thing happening is the refurbishment to the area's council housing stock - paid for out the resources of the Conservative council.

West Heath's population are the people that Labour has ignored and forgotten about, until that is they need their vote.

Burden has let the people of Northfield down, he should spending his time campaigning for an improvement to their lives, yet the only thing that energises him are the plights of people who don't vote for him and who don't pay his wages.

This man epitomises all that is wrong with British politics.

Click this link to see how Palestine is high on Burden's list of priorities.

Burden's Middle East

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Michael Must Do Better.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Mr. Angry of the Birmingham Labour Party, Cllr. Mike Leddy and his blog.

Well now that the local Tories have had an opportunity to read it, a number of opportunities to reveal his hypocrisy have arose.

Cllr. Leddy, bored with housing, decided a while ago that he would shoot his mouth off about anything and everything he could find wrong with the Conservative-led Birmingham City Council.

One such thing was the Transportation department's annoying lack of care in spelling place names on road signs. Cllr. Leddy went to the papers about signs he had seen and got some cheap publicity for his Deputy Leader bid in late Spring.

However, "Prague Tory" has well and truly shown Cllr. Leddy's own spelling abilities for what they are. His own blog is full of them.

Vaz Agrees With Wilders Ban, But Admits He Hasn't Seen Film

That slimy survivor of New Labour scandals, Keith Vaz, has just admitted to an incredulous Kirsty Wark that he hasn't seen Geert Wilders' "Fitna".

As Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, you would have thought he'd have made it his business to have seen it, before jumping to Jacqui "living with sis'" Smith's defence.


Help Save The Youth Of America

It was Billy Bragg that once sang "Help Save The Youth Of America, Help Save The Youth From Themselves". Such an example of "saved" American youth can be found in this clip from Obama the Demigod's latest roadshow.

Under the Democrats, this cretin's future as someone who is happy for the state to do his thinking for him, is assured.