Sunday, 8 February 2009

No 'P' on Countdown Anymore, As Prescott Has Taken it.

John Prescott, a man who was proud of jumbling his words and letters, hasn't taken too kindly to Carol Vorderman's tie-up with the Tories.

The former Countdown mathematician is to work with the Conservatives on a Maths Task Force and the former Labour street brawler isn't happy.

You see according to Prescott, Ms Vorderman is to blame for the credit crunch - personally I thought it was Gordon Brown, but what the heck!  

Apparently, by appearing in those personal loan adverts on afternoon telly which were being shown during kids TV programmes as busy mums were cooking the tea for the kids, the glamourous Carol was putting the idea into kids' heads that mum and dad should go and borrow £25k at 9.6% interest.

Johnny boy, you are a waste of space.

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