Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ed Balls: The Latest Labour Politician to Warn of the BNP Bogeyman

According to a number of news sources, Ed "Fletcher-Dervish" Balls (pictured), who was with Gordon Brown when this terrible economic mess was in incubation, warned a friendly Labour audience over the weekend that the economic crisis currently engulfing the UK could last for a decade and will be the worst recession experienced in a hundred years.  He also was pushing the now familiar Labour line that the BNP are the ones who are going to profit from the turmoil.

Naturally, comments like this from Mr. Balls and other Labour politicians are designed to scare the horses and bolster their own precarious positions in their own backyards.

I am much more optimistic than Mr. Balls and his ilk, for I don't share his belief that the working people of this country are so unsophisticated that they will run into the arms of a racist party like the BNP.

Yes, the BNP have tried to jump on the 'British jobs for British workers' bandwagon, but even on the picket lines, their presence will not be appreciated.

Unfortunately, it is the Labour Party and their anti-British policies that has spawned the BNP monster.  When they deservedly return to opposition, they can dust off their placards and their Searchlight subscriptions and do what they have to do to help remove the boil of national socialism from the British political scene.

However in government, Labour, like they did the late 70s, have created the fertile conditions for the BNP/NF to grow.

Another reason, if we didn't need it already, to demonstrate that Labour are a disaster in power.

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