Monday, 9 February 2009

Leddy Poisoning Goes Online

Meet Coun Mike Leddy.  He has the onerous distinction of being the only Labour councillor left in south Birmingham.  He is also the latest unfortunate who has the responsibility of taking pot shots from the sidelines at the Tories housing policy.  Unfortunately for him, the Tories are actually quite good at housing!  

So as soon as Coun Leddy splits hairs about the performance of Birmingham City Council's housing department, he is quickly left floundering when the performance of the last Labour administration is brought to his attention.

From soundings I have taken amongst some of his colleagues within the Birmingham Labour Party,  they believe that Housing is not really his thing and suspect that he covets the position of  Deputy Leader Ian Ward or may be that of his  ward constituent Sir Albert Bore!

Anyway, Coun Leddy has joined the ranks of Labour's councillor bloggers, and given his penchant for playing the class warrior it should be an interesting read.  Like our old friend Chris Hillcox, Coun Leddy lives a good few miles away from the area he is campaigning in, currently lamenting the fact that Oscott is turning blue again after years of Labour neglect.

Leddy's blog will be one I shall be monitoring over the next few months.  You can be sure I will be commenting on it here.


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