Thursday, 12 February 2009

Michael Must Do Better.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Mr. Angry of the Birmingham Labour Party, Cllr. Mike Leddy and his blog.

Well now that the local Tories have had an opportunity to read it, a number of opportunities to reveal his hypocrisy have arose.

Cllr. Leddy, bored with housing, decided a while ago that he would shoot his mouth off about anything and everything he could find wrong with the Conservative-led Birmingham City Council.

One such thing was the Transportation department's annoying lack of care in spelling place names on road signs. Cllr. Leddy went to the papers about signs he had seen and got some cheap publicity for his Deputy Leader bid in late Spring.

However, "Prague Tory" has well and truly shown Cllr. Leddy's own spelling abilities for what they are. His own blog is full of them.

1 comment:

  1. Deputy Leader bid? Surely not?

    I wonder whether that will mean Grundy will go for leader? I'm sure she won't send apologies to that particular meeting like she normally does to others!